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Copywriting is the process of writing commercial text with a certain aim in mind. Copywriting is different from literature, because the primary aim of such texts is to sell products/services and/or encourage users to perform a certain action. High-quality texts are necessary for any website, as the description of product advantages and its illustrations are the things that attract the attention of users and convert them to real clients.

Arteqo Consulting texts will demonstrate your clients all the advantages of your products, emphasizing their most original characteristics, marking them as truly unique goods. Our texts will attract the attention of the users by showing them the thing the desire most: advantages, possibilities, perspectives.

If your website does not directly sell anything, but only advertises other sites, high-quality texts become even more important. In order for a user to click on an ad banner of another website:

Texts produced by Arteqo Consulting achieve both these aims - they attract attention and encourage users to actually try a product, not only read about it.

SEO copywriting

Search Engine Optimization or SEO allows a website to be found in search engines and its basis is the text. SEO copywriting is a borderline discipline, combining copywriting and internet marketing. SEO texts produced by Arteqo Consulting capitalize on both of the fields, including the right amount of both essence and keywords in every text.

SEO copywriting is able to truly utilize the potential of any website, moving it upwards in search engine rankings. Most often there is no need to write new texts - the old ones just need some improvement. Thus the actual essence of a text remains the same, but their quality becomes much better. Our work ensures that your texts not only describe your products, but also work on the SEO aspects, drawing in new, potential clients.