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Web sites

Web sites are an essential tool for any business, as nowadays the majority of potential clients look for products and services in the internet. Here you will discover, what results are tob e expected, ordering a web site development services from Arteqo Consulting.

Web design

Web design is the first thing a user sees upon entering a web site, and it is also the main thing a user interacts with. Although different sites can contain different web design elements, it is worth knowing the most typical of them. This you will be informed about what to expect, ordering a web site development.


Logotype is an emblem symbolizing a business. When developing a logotype, the following is to be taken into account:

as well as other information.

When all the necessary information is acquired, a team of market and web design specialists discusses, which of the aspects of the company are worth including in the logotype. The marketing team is essential here, as they are the ones who study all the available company statistics to see, which elements of a logotype would be the most advantageous from the point of view of marketing. For example, is a company sells ice cream with a unique flavour, it would be advisable to depict that in the logotype, as it distinguishes the company among the competitors.


Colour is one of the most important parts of web design. Not only does it create the general mood of a web site, but it also affects potential clients, as well as symbolizes a business and its products. The choice of corporative colours is one of the tasks of the marketing team.

Other web design elements

Besides that, there are a number of other web design elements. Their appearance and methods of use are defined by a special team of digital content developers.

Arteqo Consulting offers the development of these and also other web site parts, including developing a design from scratch, as well as services like search optimization or SEO, copywriting, video and photo shooting services.

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