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Page structure

Page structure is one of the most important parts of web design. Users visit websites in order to access certain information, and the right page structure allows doing it in a fast and effective way. If the structure is not good enough, a user will be unable to find the information he/she needs, and it is highly possible he/she will leave and never return. Page structure is based on its parts, such as navigation and headings, as well as the general layout of its.

Structural functionality

Each part of a web page's structure must be highly functional, that is, it must serve a certain general aim of the website. It may be a content container, a decoration, but a good never uses any design part without reason. Thus, for example, if a certain part makes a page unattractive and does not convey any important information, it is a sufficient reason to think whether the website needs this part at all.

Structural simplicity

A qualitative web page has a simple structure that help users navigate through its content. If the structure is bad and incomprehensible, even a perfect content will have no meaning and users will be unsatisfied. Any structure must be simple enough, so that a user can easily spot the most necessary information, evaluate the choices, products and services offered, etc.

Structural hierarchy

A structure should also depict the hierarchy of a page, i.e. show which parts are the main ones and which are additional. A qualitative structure lets users understand, which content should be viewed more, what is the aim of a website, and which content is there just to make the use of the website more convenient, but is not for presenting products and services. A correct hierarchy allows users not to waste time analyzing the whole content, instead focusing their attention to part most important for them.

Guiding users

A qualitative website structure not only indicates the most important parts of the content, but also guides his/her attention. Sometimes it is needed to show certain pages in a certain order, or, for example, guide a user from the product selection page to a buying page. Thus, a good structure allows achieving the main task of almost any website - converting a user into a customer. Besides that, it allows walking the path from selecting a product to buying it in a fast and effective way, increasing the chances that clients will want to return to your website.