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In web design, graphics are any visual elements that are not just a text. Graphics also include any texts that is organized and illustrated with the help of such visual elements. Thus, graphics include:

Aims of the graphics

The main aim of any graphic elements is to enhance the user experience. Besides that, graphics allow making a text more diverse and completed or even substituting it all together. Internet is not only about delivering texts and information in its purest form, but also about creativity, data visualization and the adaptation of information for the needs of different target audiences. These principles make graphics an essential part of any website.

Graphics in business

Graphics are important for any business, as they are able to both entertain, educate and emotionally influence customers. This is widely used in strengthening the public image of businesses. Thus, for example, certain colours and shapes can be associated with certain companies. The logotypes of famous brands are recognizable even when not containing any actual names. It could be said that it is almost impossible to create a successful corporate image without the extensive use of graphics.

Types of graphics

Any graphics element can categorized according to its primary function: