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An icons is a small image designed to represent a certain action or a bigger part of a website. Icons are a part of website graphics. Usually icons act not only as illustrations, but are also interactive - clicking or hovering the pointer above them initiates a certain action: a user can access another part of a site, open and additional menu, etc. Usually icons act as a supplementary mean of design, but sometimes, especially on mobile devices, icons become the basis of a website's image.

Icon appearance

Depending on a particular design, icons may look differently, but high-quality icons have a number of features in common. Quality icons:

Advantages of icons

The advantages of icons are most noticeable when big texts and illustrations are disadvantageous. Most often it concerns minimalistic design, mobile design and simple menu bars without much space. Icons make a website look more modern and its contents - more comprehensible, if they replace or supplement texts. If a page contains too much text, it looks overstuffed and too difficult to read. Icons break texts into chunks and help structuring even complex information.

Use of icons

Icons can be used for many purposes: