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Website parts

Most of the websites consist of a number of parts. Depending on the style and tasks of a website, there may be more less of these design parts, but they usually include the following:


A header is the upper part of a web page. A header is usually separated from all the other parts of the design. It mainly contains information that is meant to be demonstrated first, which attracts attention and encourages users to read further. Besides that, it contains the main tools for the effective use of a website, such as navigation, language selection panel, authorization forms, etc.

Main content

The main content of a web page is the topical information of a website. The one which is the object of the whole site. The main content may also include additional information, such as advertising banners. It can also be divided into the main and additional parts, which is achieved by using certain design tools, e.g. columns of different widths.


A footer is the lowest part of web page. It usually contains information that is not essential for a user from the very beginning, but which may become useful after reading through the main content. This may be an additional menu, a call to action element that encourages a client to buy the product in question, or links to the newest blog entries that allows a user to stay on the website for a little longer.


A navigation is a web design tool that allows users to move from one part of a website to another in a fast and effective way. Navigation removes the necessity to know the URL of each section, and this is the primary reason why websites without some sort of navigation almost don't exist - they would be impossible to use with any degree of efficiency. A navigation may be implemented both as a menu or links.


A menu is a group of hyperlinks that usually represent the sections of a website. Each link bears the name of a relevant section. Menus can include additional menus that also indicate the hierarchy of these sections. Menus are most often stylized in their own way, that is, distinct design tools are applied to them.

Hyperlink navigation

A hyperlink navigation is a type of navigation that uses scattered, ungrouped links in order to ensure paths between different sections of a website. In this case a link can be placed upon words from the main content, an icon or an image that are thematically related to the section they lead to. Hyperlinks are usually stylized in a distinct way, but this special design is not complicated, otherwise texts that contains such links do not look balanced.