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Main content

The main content is one of the website parts, the one which contains the web page's topical content. The main part presents the thing a website is dedicated to - information about products, services, objects and ideas.

How the main content looks

The main content is usually the biggest part of a page and is located between a header and a footer. It contains the most text and/or images and is often locates in the very centre of a page. As the main content is designed to include a lot of text, it background is usually neutral, so that any text looks intelligible and clear to read.

Functions of the main content

The primary function of the main content is to present the information about products, services or the business itself. The main part describes and illustrates a company's offers, as well as describes how these products and services can be bought. If a website does not sell anything, but only advertises other sites, then the task of the main content is to uphold readers interest and catch his/her attention, encouraging him/her to click on one of the ad banners, that is, converts a user to a potential client.

Subject of the main content

The subjects of the main content are texts and images. Besides that, it can include any other product and service presentation tools. Usually main content segments about the company itself and the ways of purchasing the products and services are highlighted separately. In other terms - the main content may include almost any tools of describing a company's services: text, videos, gif-animation, infographics, diagrams, etc.

Use of the main content in advertising

The main part is usually the most essential component of product and service advertising, as it is the part which contains their descriptions, advantages and other information. The main content is what persuades users to become clients, and all the the other parts are there to help this task, facilitating and finalizing its work, i.e. providing tool for actually buying a product. If a website does not sell anything, the main content describes the services provided by the sites advertised.