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A header is the lower part of a website. Depending on the aim and the style of a particular site, it may not feature a header. Despite that, most of the websites have this part, as a header is the part users see first, which is used to demonstrate the most important information.

How a header looks

A header is usually separated from all the other content. This may be achieved through the use of different colours, some space between the parts, a distinc content that clearly stands out from everything else or by using any other method that allow showing this separation.

Header functions

A header is a place seen first by a user upon entering a website, which means that the main function of a header is to present the most important information. Comparing to the main content, a header usually stays the same throughout all the pages. This adds another task - to help users in case they do not know where they are, how they have got there and what they should do next or what they need to do to perform a certain action. The content of a header must answer three main questions:

Header contents

The main aim of any header is to contain information that is to be seen first by users. This is the reason why headers mainly include the logotype of a business, a menu, and image that describes the company's activities, as well as language selection and authorization panels if needed. Alternatively, a header may contain descriptions and big illustrations of the newest offers, attracting the attention of potential clients.

Header's role in advertising

If a website does not offer services/products, but rather advertises other companies, a header becomes an essential internet marketing tool, as there is a place for an ad banner in it. A header is usually the biggest and most prominent banner container out of all available, which means that the a particular banner it hold will be seen more often. Such a banner has more chances of attracting potential clients, which is why it also becomes a key element in this kind of internet advertising.