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Web design development

Nowadays web design development is important for any kind of business. Quality web design allows introducing potential buyers to a company's products, as well as persuading them to use your, rather than anyone else's, services. There are many types of design, each with its own advantages and development specifications, which means that anyone can choose a design that would suit exactly his/her needs.

Development process

A web design development process consists of several stages:

  1. comprehending a client's wishes and presenting possible solutions
  2. choosing colours, layout and other web design parameters
  3. creating sketches and templates
  4. developing the final version of a design
  5. programming the design and installing it on a website

Design types

There is a number of design types available:

Arteqo Consulting offer their services in developing all types of design depending on our clients' wishes.

Template design

A template design uses a ready-made template that is further adjusted to suit the needs of a certain website.

Advantages of a template design:

Disadvantages of a template design:

It must be taken into consideration that introducing vast and detailed changes in a template design demands as much time as developing an original website design. In this case, if the development of a template design takes too much time, it might be beneficial to switch to creating an original design.

Original design

An original design is a design that is developed from scratch, without using templates or any other ready-made structures.

Advantages of an original design:

Disadvantages of an original design:

Replicated design

A replicated design is developed as an original design, but based on already existing examples. This design is a middle path between an original and a template designs.

Advantages of replicated design:

Disadvantages of replicated design:

Advantages of a high-quality design

The development of a high-quality design allows presenting one's products, attracting new clients, as well as distinguishing oneself amongst competitors. Nowadays, when the internet is one of the most marketing and advertising tools, a unique and attractive design can become the decisive point in scoring a victory against one's competition.