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A footer is the lower part of a website. Depending on the aim and the style of a particular site, it may not feature a footer. Despite that, most of the websites have this part, as a footer is a very good place for additional information that a user may wish to see after reading through the main content..

How a footer looks

A footer is usually separated from other parts of a site. Most often this effect of visual separation is achieved through the use of different colours or content styles in a footer. Thus, for example, the text in a footer can employ a different colour, font or its size. A footer can also be separated by using a line of a distinct colour between it and the main content, which is located higher.

Footer functions

A footer is a place see last by a user, which means the primary function of a footer is to present additional information and make navigation easier. Reaching the end of a web page, users usually search for a way of either returning to the beginning, choosing another website section or receiving additional information about the company, which may not be located on the same page. Thus, the main task of a footer is to provide these options and draw users' attention in way which would motivate them to stay on the website.

Footer contents

The main function of a footer is to contain additional information, navigation tools and objects that encourage users to remain on the website. Thus, a footer usually contains authorship information, additional navigation, as well as link to the newest posts and articles. Some footers also include call to action elements that draw the attention of potential clients and motivate them to perform certain actions, e.g. buying products and services.

Footer's role in advertising

A footer is not the best place to place ads of other websites, but can prove advantageous in advertising one's own products. As it has already been noted, a footer is last thing any potential clients sees on a page. This allows for a strategic placement of a call to action element that may become the final stimulus for a client wishing to buy a certain product or service.