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Technical aspects of web design

An average user sees only the outer or client side (front-end) of a website. Behind that, there is a technical basis which holds up all the systems of a website, called the back-end or the technical side of web design. It includes content management system, hosting, domain name and other elements. The technical site of a web site consists of an application, database and server.


An application is a part of a website a user directly interacts with. It is the part that employs web design as a tool to enable this interaction. Thus, for example, when ordering tickets on the internet, an application uses various buttons and forms to acquire information about users and place an order.


A database is a group of data organised in a certain system. A database is the place where information about application interactions is stored. Thus, when ordering tickets online, a number of entries are made into the database, which record the user, the type of a ticket, if the tickets have been paid for and other information. If the user re-enters the website later on, this information is taken for the database and is displayed via the application of the website. Thus the user can see that he/she has placed an order, whether he/she has paid for the ticket and the ticket itself.


A server can mean both the hardware (a computer) that stores databases and the software (programs) that ensures a connection between an application and the databases. A server is the basis of the back-end part of a website, which provides a platform for all the other components. Thus, the server hardware and software are technically the most well-supported parts of a website.