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We live in the age of visual technology, where photos are not only a usual, but also a popular thing. Each day both professionals and amateurs make thousands of new photos for a variety of purposes. This is the main reason, why any business need to use photos when developing a website - without then the site will look outdated and untrustworthy.

Many people pay not for information, but for emotions. If a certain photo makes users feel good and comfortable, the chances that they will make a finals tep and buy a product or a service increase dramatically. This also applies for product illustrations - the prettier they are, the more chances that users will turn their attention to it and will be willing to read more about that product.

Originality and uniqueness in photos are essential, as nowadays internet users can easily notice stock photos - that is non-original photos bought from a photo-stock. Such photos look bland and are unable to leave a positive impression, especially if they have already been used by other websites. If a potential client notices this, chances are he/she will not trust this particular website as much anymore.

Photos and website effectiveness

In his study about how photos influence website effectiveness and attract clients, Jeff Bullas, who has been named the most influential person in internet marketing of 2016, notes that:

Nowadays users do not want to just browse a page, they wish to experience it. Photos are one of the best ways how to provide this feeling. They are saturated with content, attractive and informative, this is photos contain everything a user looks for in a page, no matter what the topic is. Our task is to provide such an experience. Photos produced by our team of professional operators will enhance any website and provide users with more reasons to become your clients.