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Video is a great way to capture any life moment in motion (compared to photography), as well as to create commercial videos that significantly expand the possibilities of any company to distinguish itself amongst competitors. A quality video-presentation allows clients to better understand the work of a business and to see a product in real life situations. Video advertisments allow creating a positive corporate image and attracting new clients.

Commercial video

A commercial video is a video, the aim of which is to enhance the usual activities of a company. Nowadays commercial videos are a must for any business, as such video hosting platforms as YouTube allow reaching target audience all around the world. Besides that, a commercial video is one of the best ways to present one's product, as it is able to present a product in such a realistic way, that it would only be second to the real life personal impression.

Product presentation

Product presentation videos allow demonstrating a product or service and emphasizing its best qualities. Also, potential clients now have an opportunity to the product in real-life applications. You can write long and detailed texts about the advantages of a certain product, but nothing will demonstrate them better than a product presentation video.

Business presentation

Business presentation videos are needed in order to facilitate positive company image in potential and actual clients. If a client sees the environment in which the business happens, chances are he/she will stay loyal and will employ the company's services in the future.

Video manuals

Video manuals help client learn how to use certain products and services. Such videos allow in a couple of seconds explaining things that would take several pages of text to show. The better a client understands a product, the bigger are the chances he/she will be willing to use this particular product (form this particular company) in the future.

Advantages of a video

Video is great way to draw the attention of both potential and actual clients. According to the compound statistics provided by Forbes:

It is quite obvious that a video is one of the best ways to present one's business or products. It especially relevant nowadays, when the average attention span of a user is rather short (researches mainly name it to be 5 to 8 seconds long) - even a short period of time is enough for a video to convey a big amount of information in an effective and engaging way.